Missing 7-foot Hedgehog mystery solved by amazing STEM students

(By Lacey Madge, aged 13. Additional reporting and photos by Joshua Keyes, 13, and other Jill Dando News Centre reporters)

Investigation into missing 7 foot hedgehog mascot as budding Einstein’s enjoyed an exciting and fun learning day

Year five students from Castle Batch Primary School Academy and St Anne’s Church Academy were involved in a STEM day at Priory Community School Academy in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

Students from the schools Jill Dando News Centres reported on the STEM activities which promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The challenge was to find out who kidnapped The Priory Learning Trust ‘mascot’, hedgehog Percy PLT by completing three activities.

The investigative students analysed finger prints and foot prints as well as observing mud samples, with their suspicions changing throughout the day.

It was revealed later in the day that Percy had just gone for a walk during an assembly.

Principal Angelos Markoutsas said “The day was a wonderful experience for the students and now they will have even more knowledge and look for learning of these vital subjects.”