Let’s flood our Media with good news, says GNP Editor

“Good news, and boy don’t we need it.”

So said Tom Bradby, ITV news presenter tonight, after a mum won £1 million on the lottery.

Tom is so right.

But the truth is there is far more good news out there than bad. Much more. We just don’t hear it.

News outlets seem to be obsessed with the bad and seem oblivious that people are fed up with hearing it.

The BBC’s own research is finding this out. Young people especially don’t want to be bombarded with such a barrage of bad news.

It is time now for change. Let’s get the good news out across the media and social media, Inspiration stories of hope, people doing courageous, amazing things. Helping charity, doing heroics, changing the world.

Stories like that of former criminal Mark Rowan. The author and dad of five is now on a British tour of prisons, young offenders institutions, schools, colleges and universities to inspire people to great lives of hope.

There are millions of Mark’s and other inspirations out there.

It’s time to flood our Media with them.