Positive messages from incredible speakers inspire students

By Jill Dando News

Incredible speakers from across Britain have been inspiring students with some fantastic positive messages

Students at Priory Community School Academy, part of The Priory Learning Trust in Somerset, listened to speakers from a variety of organisations and charities on a range of issues.

Speakers from the Giles Trust charity educated students about the dangers of knife crime and other issues affecting young people in the UK. There were talk about other crime and issues in the news.

Their aim is to help people to become positive contributors to local communities and wider society.

Leon and Moses from St Giles Trust in London spoke to the youngsters and brought their own experience to the talks.

Moses said: “We came to speak about knife crime and have come with lived experiences and it is about showing the experiences and stuff that we have gone through and seen.

“It is all about guiding the students into the right direction. It is more about raising awareness and guiding the community to the right choices.”

Teacher Tom Alcott said: “This was a brilliant week of talks. There was engagement from all students and some really positive conversations have happened since.”

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