Girls in maths celebrated in top university’s advanced programme 

By Jill Dando News

The female maths students from Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset had a great day, full of fun and learning, when they attended an Advanced Mathematics Support Programme for Girls at the University of Bath.

The overarching message of the day was how maths is key to many different careers. 

Bath University female alumni were also invited to talk about their current Maths studies and the Maths used in their work – ranging from cancer research, business analysis in banking and even monitoring the movement of fish.

Florence Nightingale

They also learned how Florence Nightingale was a statistician before becoming a nurse in the war.

They were told how Florence’s use of graphs and pie charts, analysing the cause of deaths in hospitals and studying ways to prevent death, cleanliness for example, was the first time pictorial data was used. 

Students also took part in a very interactive session about how maths is used now and historically in predicting the weather. 

They were set a brief and had to show their work and findings, categorising a storm and predicting the weather across a large area.

The final workshop was great fun with students taught about the study of shapes and how using simple techniques can manipulate them into new shapes. 

From learning about vortex structures, this was then demonstrated with the use of smoke and a laundry basket.

Well done girls!

Leeza Cuthbertson, Careers Advisor said, ‘’It was a fun filled day of learning; celebrating the many career opportunities and the great strides girls are making in Maths.

We were also very proud of our students exemplary behaviour whilst representing WCSA – well done girls!’’

WCSA has a thriving maths department that stretches students to their best ability and aims to make the subject fun and challenging.

They have been achieving incredible results in their maths for many years.

The WCSA motto is ‘We Challenge and Support to Achieve’, resulting in students who thrive in all areas.

The academy has a high-achieving and caring ethos, aiming to challenge and support to encourage the full potential of every single student.

WCSA is part of The Priory Learning Trust.