Children worldwide celebrate cheerful Chinese New Year (By Hayden and Oliver, 10)

By Hayden and Oliver, aged 10, Jill Dando News at Castle Batch Primary School Academy

The world has just celebrated Chinese New Year.

As we can keep from these pictures, children across the globe marked the event by learning about the Chinese New Year.

These children are from Busy Bees at St Anne’s Church Academy, part of The Priory Learning Trust in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Busy Bees celebrate Chinese New Year

On the 22nd of January Chinese New Year was marked in many countries around the world where the Chinese people are celebrating their new year. 

Throughout the world Chinese New Year is celebrated and each year the animal that represents the year is different – in 2023 the animal is the rabbit.

The myth about the reason different animals represent each year is that the twelve animals: mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit ,dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig were in a race to be the symbol of China but they tied so it became a cycle of 12 animals 1 each year.

Throughout twelve years, the cycle goes to each animal and then the cycle repeats until Chinese culture is ruined.

On the fifteenth day of celebrating Chinese New Year they do what’s called the lantern festival where they decorate the street with lanterns and dress up with dragon shaped costumes and dance around the streets. 

They do this so that they can bring in luck and scare away the evil spirits for the new year.

(This story was written by Jill Dando News reporters, Hayden and Oliver, aged 10, at Castle Batch Primary School Academy, also part of The Priory Learning Trust)

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