Your chance to shine in Jill Dando News summer story competition

Your chance to shine in Jill Dando News summer story competition

It’s SUMMER Jill Dando News COMPETITION time!

Hundreds of students have the chance to win a variety of prizes over the summer for fantastic story, finding and writing..

Jill Dando News, the Good News Post and Business Leader magazine have launched a summer competition.

Any student at any age can enter with prizes for:three categories.

1 Best Story of the Summer

2 Best Photo of the Summer

3 Highest Number of Stories over the Summer.

Your stories can be from your family and friends, school, community, nation or from across the world.

Students and their parents or carers can click onto for full details of how to find and write a story.
There are tips and articles from top journalists Nigel Dando, Fiona Bruce, Simon Angear and more.

All stories can be sent to

It has been a brilliant year for Jill Dando News.

Nick Ross met the reporters for the first time in April, with dozens more students becoming reporters.

Watch with tributes from Sir Richard Branson, Emma Britton, Fiona Bruce, Sir Cliff Richard, Alan Titchmarsh and more.

Well done every single Jill Dando News reporter. You are helping keep Jill Dando’s memory and legacy alive, one positive good news story at a time.

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