Tips for New Year happiness. Winning ways to stay positive in January

Tips for New Year happiness. Winning ways to stay positive in January

By Health Editor

Christmas has passed and spring is on the way. So the good news is that it’s getting lighter and sunnier, and cold crisp walks are refreshing to your mind and body.

Don’t forget the amazing sport, films and things to watch n the weeks to come. For instance, The Apprentice with Alan Sugar starts on 6th January - it’s one of Britain’s best TV series.

There is also lots of thing we can do keep us more positive. Here are a few quick fire ways to feel happier in January.


PHONE addiction is at an all time high. But studies show looking at other people’s lives via social media destroys our self-esteem and self worth. And remember - social media posts always give the post side. Hit the off switch to boost your happiness.


COFFEE with a friend will bring you more happiness than 1 million Instagram likes! Meeting positive people face to face is a sure fire way to boost your happiness hormones.


WALKING and especially in nature with frees, birds and in wooded areas gives a huge boost to your happiness levels. Ditch shopping, social media and TV and get out for a walk. Walk with a positive person for a triple boost! If it’s sunny you can top up on much needed Vitamin D.



LAUGHING is a powerful weapon of hope. Meet a friend who makes you laugh, or just put on a youtube of your favourite comedian, comedy show or film.


LETTING GO is a powerful thing to do generally but essential if you want o be happy. Grumbling and being critical is addictive and bitterness is devastating to happiness. Instead - just forgive people you have a grudge with. Let it go. It is a process. It will do wonders.


THANK your way to happiness. The pursuit of more stuff does not lead to happiness. Instead, be thankful for what you have already and be grateful. It’s a simply but powerful key to being happy.

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