Try this incredible chilli and help young people at the same time

Try this incredible chilli and help young people at the same time

By Jill Dando News

The incredible Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity is selling chilli products across the world, all out of Butcombe Farm in North Somerset.

It is producing sensational products. And it also gives amazing opportunities to young people to help in the process in a wide range of ways, building skills, confidence and self-esteem.

I’m probably well placed to comment. I eat curry and chilli products most days of the week.


I tried three bottles after meeting the inspirational charity at the Weston-super-Mare food festival.

The Food Works SW opening by the Princess Royal.

The charity workers were passionate about their work and their products were out of this world.

I would urge everyone to try some – they have some to suit every pallet.

The charity has a selection of unique sauces, jams and preserves all made with their very own Chillies and produce from the farm.


They make all our products in small batches, made by hand with their dedicated team.

They are also passionate about reducing the food travel miles for their produce and they work with nature on the seasonal calendar.

Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity puts mentoring at the heart of the participant experience; with mentors and specialist staff spending time with every individual, gaining insight into their background, outlook, learning styles, strengths and areas of need.

Uncle Paul’s Chilli Farm is named after the owners dedicated family member who has tirelessly supported the development of the farm.

Try some for yourself here

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