New Africa nursery opens with help from UK pupils in exciting Jill Dando News link 

New Africa nursery opens with help from UK pupils in exciting Jill Dando News link 

By Colby and Kieran, age 13, PCSA, Jill Dando News

As one brilliant new pre-school opens at a school in Jill Dando’s former town, pupils are sending books to a new nursery just opened in Africa.

Some of the children in Malawi (Picture Jill Dando News)

Little Learners pre-school has opened at Castle Batch Primary School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset where Jill Dando grew up.

Some of the brilliant Jill Dando News reporters at Castle Batch Primary School Academy

At the same time, in Malawi, Africa Sunrise Nursery opened in the St Paul's community, Mzimba, Malawi.

Now pupils from Castle Batch are sending out dozens of books for the Malawi children with hopes a new school scheme will see hundreds more follow.


The Malawi project was funded by Dr Ron McKechnie, who did in 2013 and his charity, One Parish Link.

In October, Jill Dando News lead teacher Sarah O'Gorman will be travelling to visit the nursery and launch it with her charity, LIFO.

Children at Little Learners in Weston-super-Mare

Miss O’ Gorman founded Jill Dando News at Priory Community School Academy five years ago, where she is an English teacher. Shortly after she started Jill Dando News in Malawi before Lockdown put a pause on the plans.

Little Learners, Castle Batch and PCSA are all part of The Priory Learning Trust  (TPLT).

Sarah said: “This is a wonderful link between our schools, Trust and the new community pre-school in Malawi.

“I’m so excited to go over in October and to help officially launch the project.

“We are also eager to get Jill Dando News really motoring now we are out of the pandemic.”


Limbikira Foundation will be running the nursery and has employed two local teachers
The preschool can host up to 60 students and will help them prepare for Primary school
The nursery is a key part of communal life and will help many children find their friends and achieve a education. Boys and girls alike.

Little Learners in the UK offers flexible sessions between 7.30am and 6.00pm for 50 weeks of the year.

CBPSA has just been awarded a clean sweep of Good ratings by Ofsted.

Little Learners, CBPSA and PCSA are all part of The Priory Learning Trust.

Jill Dando went to school at Worle Community School Academy, also part of TPLT, before becoming one of Britain’s most loved and best ever TV journalists, full of kindness, humility and joy.

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