Jill Dando news arrives in Malawi, Africa

By Aimee Braithwaite, 14

English teacher helps 17 African students launch their own Jill Dando News Centre in one of world’s poorest countries

In partnership with the Good News Post, Sarah O’Gorman started the centre in Malawi and students are already writing their stories.
The group is led by Leonard Masauli, who is a writer for “The Nation” new paper, but he started out as a community journalist like the new journalists he is teaching.
Sarah said: “The centre has given the other Jill Dando News Centres a huge global link and will give the opportunity for different stories and new subjects to be explored.”
The Jill Dando News Centre concept first started out of Jill’s old school, Worle Community School Academy in 2018, and has since expanded across Somerset and to Africa.
Around 100 Jill Dando students aim to find and write good news to cheer people up across their school and communities, and to follow Jill’s model of humility, fun and good news.