Taylor Snift beats Buster! – rescue dogs getting adopted faster by using creative names

By Jill Dando News

Animal rescue centres are giving their dogs creative names to help them find new homes. 

Austin Pets Alive! in Texas, America is just one organization that gets their pooches adopted faster by giving them out-of-the-ordinary names.

Lisa Lane Cardin of the nonprofit Petco Love said. “Pet adoption is serious — it saves millions of lives every year — and it’s inspiring to see more shelter pet marketers having fun with the concept because really, what we’re doing is marketing among the most desirable commodities in the world: unconditional love,”

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Some of the names that stand out include a dog named Crayon, who gave birth to puppies named Atomic Tangerine, Wild Blue Yonder, and Purple Mountain Majesty; Cindy Pawper; Taylor Snift; and a bonded pair named Ravioli and Side Salad. 

“Usually cute, creative names and a good picture help get the animals adopted,” Stacie Voss of Farmington Regional Animal Shelter in New Mexico told Today.

(photo by Chevanin Photography via pexels.com)

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