What a hero! Sensational Stormzy heads programme to 'inspire change' and address 'lack of diversity off the football pitch'

What a hero! Sensational Stormzy heads programme to 'inspire change' and address 'lack of diversity off the football pitch'

By Josh, 16, Jill Dando News Sports Correspondent

He is not just one of the world’s best ever rappers but a campaigner for positive change. British musical hero Stormzy is heading a programme looking to "inspire change" by "addressing the lack of diversity off the pitch in football".

Football players (photo by Pexels.com

A report published last month showed 43% of Premier League and 34% of English Football League players are black, but only 4.4% of managers.

New research shows people who identify as black or mixed black heritage hold 6.7% of football's senior roles.

"We hope to inspire real change within this field," said Stormzy.

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The research, commissioned by Adidas with Fare Network, also found 52% of black women surveyed said they wanted a role in football but 40% did not think they would get one because of their gender.

Stormzy and Adidas, along with 11 partners including Manchester United, Fulham and Sky, will create a careers programme called Merky FC that will provide placements in a variety of areas.

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira told BBC Sport in October that "doors are not open" for black managers in the UK.

Stormzy said the initiative was "part of my wider commitment to support racial equality in the UK".

In 2020, he pledged £10m to UK organisations, charities and movements over 10 years to tackle racial inequality, justice reform and black empowerment.

Stormzy is a firm believer in the mantra of 'if you can see it, you can be it'.

Young black children see footballers on the pitch, therefore they know a career as a professional footballer is possible.

But what about those kids wanting to be agents, directors of footballers, scouts, physios, commentators, brand managers etc? Stormzy hopes that by creating this programme more black faces will be visible in areas that they currently are not.

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