Wow! Fans toss 19,000 toys on football pitch for Christmas kids good news giveaway

By Amy, 12, Jill Dando News

This is football at its very best.

A Spanish Football match has brought huge festive cheer to children with fans hurling 19,000 toys and gifts on to the pitch for underprivileged children at Christmas.

The incredible gesture was carried out by thousands of big hearted fans during the Real Betis and Real Sociedad match played at the Benito Villamarín.

At halftime, the fans threw different toys onto the pitch for volunteers to put into large bags.

There were cuddly toys, Pokémon and all the very best that Father Christmas could bring.

Picture by ESPN and Real Betis via Twitter

In total over 19,000 gifts were thrown from the stands.


These items were given to the football team as donations to children so they have a present to open on Christmas Day.

Football fans and players have taken up huge causes to help the poor in recent years, led by the inspirational Marcus Rashford MBE. The England footballer helps underprivileged children across Britain. He is a modern day hero like William Wilberforce, helping the plight of millions with his campaigning.

The Post Editor said: “This is just incredible good news. We hear so much about the wrong behaviour at football matches. This is the wonderful ‘wow’ good news that the world needs to hear more about. Well done to these fans.”

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