New year fitness boost for pupils with inspirational after-school club

By Jessica (9), Jacob (9) and Margaret-Anne (9), Darcy (9) and Sam (9) Jill Dando News

An amazing after-school club called Functional Fitness Class is helping keep pupils healthy and fit while teaching them how to use gym equipment.

Pupils from St Anne’s Church Academy and Castle Batch Primary School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset tried out terrific treadmills and other exotic equipment at an amazing after-school club.

The Functional Fitness Class was an after school club run at Priory Community School Academy in the Paula Radcliffe Centre over 10 weeks.

The students learnt all about fitness and strength and how you can use your body to do strength training with activities such as press ups, planks, squats and sit ups.


They also learnt how to use the cardiovascular machines safely and effectively. 

The PRC awarded an athlete of the week and also an athlete of the term. 

The sessions were run by the excellent PRC staff assisted by two PCSA Year 10 students, Storm and Tamsin.

Colette, aged 9, said, “I felt good being able to use the treadmills and having the opportunity.”

Sophia, also 9, added, “Wow it is so much fun at fabulous functional fitness when we map out the gym and use the equipment.”

Jessica aged 9 said; “The reason for this amazing club is so that children have a safe education on how to use the equipment. 

“Doesn’t this sound like an amazing club?”

St Anne’s, Castle Batch and PCSA are all part of The Priory Learning Trust

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