Exercise, breathe, cry and laugh – top UK doctor gives tips for a Friday anti-stress boost

By Health Reporter

One of Britain’s best doctors has given his latest Friday boost to help millions feel better and live more.

Best-selling author and BBC TV star Rangan Chatterjee has a mission to help 100 million people feel fantastic by restoring them to optimal health.

He spends his time helping people via his books, talks and podcasts.

In this week’s #Friday5 on his emailed blog, he encouraged people to try four quick-fix stress solutions. 

He said: “They’ll help your body release any unwanted tension at moments of anxiety.”

He added: 

1 EXERCISE One minute of intense activity This will help your body ‘process’ the stress that has built up in your system.

2 BREATHE Two minutes of deep breathing This helps change your physiology immediately. Try spacing out six breaths over one minute, so 10 seconds per breath.

3 CRY Have a good cry We all feel better after crying so let it out. If you’re highly stressed, it can often be easier to take full breaths after a good sob.

4 LAUGH Laugh uncontrollably for a few minutes Watch your favourite comedian on YouTube or have a giggle with your friends. This helps to release endorphins that can reduce stress.

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