Lucky dog rescued from harbour after its pooch buddy raises the alarm

By Jill Dando News

A golden retriever was rescued from an Isle of Man harbour after its canine “mate” raised the alarm.

Coastguards say the rescued canine was “one very lucky dog”.

A member of the public spotted the dog “in trouble and struggling” near The Tongue in Douglas inner harbour in an early morning rescue after its Newfoundland counterpart had “attracted his attention”.

After calling for the coastguard to be alerted to the situation, the man climbed on to a boat and grabbed hold of the animal until the crew arrived and hoisted the dog to safety.

PHOTO – Douglas Coastguard

Praising the man’s quick actions, a spokesman for Douglas Coastguard said the passer-by had “undoubtedly” saved the animal’s life.

The spokesman said the coastguard had been contacted by the Marine Operations Centre and was soon on the scene.

He said when the team arrived the golden retriever had begun to move with the flow of the river down the harbour and was “starting to go under” the water.

The dog was “lucky to be saved” by the man’s quick reactions, he said.

The spokesman said once the stricken animal was back on dry land the rescuers were able to “reunite” it with its canine counterpart at the coastguard station.


“We would like to thank the member of the public for his swift action, which undoubtedly saved the life of one very lucky dog,” he added.

The owner of the canine duo was later tracked down by an appeal on social media by the Isle of Man Constabulary.

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