Good news for Thomas the Cockapoo who is one step closer to a pain-free future

By Animal Correspondent, Jill Dando News

Thomas the lame cockapoo, who captured the hearts of dog lovers across Cumbria, is one step closer to a pain-free future thanks to a successful Just Giving Campaign. 

Thomas went under the knife at Paragon Vets in Dalston on Friday for the first stage of life-changing surgery and is now in recovery and doing well. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the generous donation of almost £3,500 to the Oak Tree Animals’ Charity which cares for Thomas. 

Thomas was rescued by the charity after his owner could sadly no longer provide the care he needed. He soon found a loving foster home where it was noted that Thomas was occasionally limping, even after a short walk. This was unusual for a young dog who should be bounding with energy. 

Further investigations revealed that Thomas had hip dysplasia on both sides – a condition which could lead to severe osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease which are both incredibly painful. 

Orthopaedic surgeon, Gareth Harries, took 2 hours to reconstruct Thomas’s right hip, carrying out a femoral head excision which costs with discounts for the charity approximately £900 per hip. 

Hip dysplasia means that the ball and socket of the hip joint develop abnormally leading to the ball not sitting properly within the socket and rubbing painfully, said Paragon Vet Graham Lewis. 

“The operation is tricky as it involves taking out a section of bone,” said Graham, who is the small animal lead at the practice. “But Gareth has done an amazing job, and we are delighted with Thomas’ prognosis.

“Thomas is now on strong painkillers and a strict diet of special food that is kind to the gut after an anaesthetic. He is back on his feet and has been able to go home with his foster carer.” 

Thomas is now facing weeks of physiotherapy and laser therapy to give him the best chance of a quick recovery. “It could be 2 months before we are able to operate on the other hip, but we are very hopeful that, by early summer, Thomas will have a new lease of life and will be pain-free,” said Graham. 

“Thomas grew up with this condition and has never known anything else. It’s wonderful to think that, thanks to all the people who donated to help him, Thomas is going to experience the joy of being able to run around, free, without any pain. He is a brave boy and a lovely natured dog who deserves the best treatment we can give him.” 

Lorna de Mello, Fundraising and Communications Manager at Oak Tree, said: “We are looking forward to being able to make such a life-changing difference for Thomas, which wouldn’t be possible without all of the support from the community. Thank you!” 

Any surplus donations raised will go to help care for other animals in need at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity.

If you would like to donate here’s a link to the Just Giving Appeal:

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