Eco conscious students run school takeover for Eco Week 

By India, 13 and Evie, 12, Jill Dando News

A school’s Eco Club has been holding a whole week dedicated to Active travel recycling and all together everything Eco.

This week includes battery collections (where you bring in your used batteries) and also new and fresh Tutor time slides.

There shall also be a new gardening club introduced (outside of science) for mindfulness and for a space to relax and have fun.

This week’s active travel activities will include people standing at the entrance in sandwich boards that have been decorated by the Eco team that have a QR code on them that you can scan and that takes you onto a Google form and you select the way you travelled to school and submit it. 


There are also some QR codes around the school that you can also scan to help add to the vital survey. 

They have also decided to do stuff to do with with recycling as they are collecting dead batteries in tutor to promote recycling and sustainability. This brings an element of fun to morning tutors as there tuties are allowed to decorate it however they want.

There will also be a reward of 2000 house points for the tutor that brings in the most positives.

The eco committee has created slideshows for afternoon tutor sessions to educate students about the problems we are facing in the world and how we can make changes for a better world.

The gardening club,though new, has gained popularity throughout the whole school and is a nice relaxing environment to go to if you feel stressed at break.

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