A Somerset schoolteacher launches nursery in Malawi

A Somerset schoolteacher launches nursery in Malawi

By Jill Dando News

Sarah O'Gorman, who teaches English at Priory Community School Academy (PCSA) in Weston-Super-Mare, launched Sunrise Nursery in the suburbs of the town of Mzimba.

The aim was to develop and learn from the link between UK schools and Malawi.

Plans to open a community library in the town, stocked with donated books, are also under way.

Mrs O'Gorman previously started a campaign called 'Send a book' to encourage people in North Somerset to donate books for primary school age children to Malawi.

"There is no access to books for local primary-aged children, no access to education or resources," Mrs O'Gorman said.

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"We want to improve the culture of reading which is not common here.

"We have a team here that is ready to start the work.

"We are hoping to secure a free building to act as our library."

More than 50 community members, four village Headmen and two members of the Social Welfare Department attended the launch.

Mrs O'Gorman said the project was embraced by the community.

"We had a brilliant launch, it was all very successful," she added.

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Two local teachers have been recruited to teach the children.

The next step is to start a porridge plan as part of a nutrition programme to encourage parents to bring children to nursery.

Pupils from Castle Batch Primary School Academy have already donated books.

The Malawi project was funded by Dr Ron McKechnie, who did in 2013 and his charity, One Parish Link.

Castle Batch and PCSA are all part of The Priory Learning Trust  (TPLT).

Sarah added: “This is a wonderful link between our schools, Trust and the new community pre-school in Malawi.”

Limbikira Foundation will be running the nursery and has employed two local teachers

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