World famous ‘singing dentist’ sensation talks exclusively to Jill Dando students

World famous ‘singing dentist’ sensation talks exclusively to Jill Dando students

By Amy, 12, and Josh, 15, Jill Dando News

Brilliant young journalists quizzed one of the world’s most famous dentists in their latest Jill Dando interview.

The 17 reporters asked some superb questions to inspirational internet sensation, Dr Milad Shadrooh, known as ’The Singing Dentist’.

The incredibly positive and inspirational dentist has gained 150000 subscribers on the platform YouTube and 217,000 on Tik Tok by singing popular songs and replacing words with positive messages about dental care.

In the Covid19 lockdowns, popularity for the professional spread due to Dr Milad’s upbeat, positive nature which served to teach everyone about healthy living.

During the 45 minute Zoom interview he entertained and inspired.


He told the Jill Dando reporters how he he has studied and worked in dentistry since 2004 and now owns a successful dentist practice in Basingstoke.

It all began when one of his patients failed to come in for their appointment so Dr Shadrooh began to sing about their treatment.

This was picked up and shared by his colleagues and soon he went viral. He became renowned for his dancing eyebrows which added a memorable touch to the videos.

Impressively, Josh - a positive news journalist from Worle Community School Academy - successfully secured this unique interview.

“Just go for it” is what Dr Shadrooh advised anyone who is thinking of making positive content and sending it out into the world.  He said “there will always be haters but I don’t think about them”.

People now fly from around the world to visit him for dentist treatment and enjoy some singing from the smiley star in person.

The Singing Dentist was the latest person to be interviewed by over 100 Jill Dando reporters out of the BBC journalist’s former school.

The Jill Dando News Centre initiative was started at Jill’s old school Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare in 2017.

Jill Dando News and JDTV has since spread to other schools in The Priory Learning Trust and also to Malawi, Africa.

The aim is to train children to find and write real-life stories in Jill’s style, which then go into the Media and Social Media - filling people’s minds with positive news in an era of bad news.

Professional journalists such as Nigel Dando help out in the training of reporters.

They have interviewed Fiona Bruce, the Prime Minister three times, a NASA astronaut and many others. it aims to do journalism with a smile and positivity.

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