Wonderful Will reaches highest rank of sea cadets

Wonderful Will reaches highest rank of sea cadets

By Sasha, 15, and Dawson 15, Jill Dando News

Inspirational year 13 student, Will Leader, of The King Alfred School Academy Sixth Form in Highbridge, Somerset has reached the highest rank of sea cadet possible.

He has also achieved the status of PO cadet, the position that supervises the junior ranks of naval services, and he also volunteers at the RNLI.

Our Jill Dando News team interviewed him about his success.

When we asked what his favourite part of volunteering was, Will's response was that the teaching was what he enjoyed the most.  “Helping and guiding the younger generation and whatever else needs to be done.”

Will revealed that the most important skills he has been taught while being apart of the cadets is leadership and management.

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When it comes to life, having perseverance is the key and Will has certainly shown us that.

But how do you deal with stress when you have so many commitments?

“Time management is one of the best ways, and always remembering that at the end of the day your health is what matters.” he said,

Some advice given to us by Will is to not be afraid to say no.  When life gets tough and you have too much on your plate, just say no.  In the cadets they are taught that you should prioritise the things in your life, first comes yourself, then family and then cadets.

If you want to get involved in cadets then there are many ways, you can contact their social media, such as Facebook, or via email.

Fun fact:  Did you know that Princess Anne doesn't like vegan cheese?

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