Wonderful students at terrific school elated to move up a Year! 

Wonderful students at terrific school elated to move up a Year! 

By Rose and Jayden, aged 10, Jill Dando News

Wonderful students at a terrific school are elated to move up a Year!

Brilliant students at Castle Batch Primary School Academy (CBPSA) in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset are delighted to have moved up a year!

They are all thrilled to be in a new classroom and to meet new teachers they will be with for a year.

Isla, aged 10, said: “I like my new classroom because I can just walk out to the hall for lunch and it is really warm in there.”

There are three new teachers in the school including Miss Depledge who said

“I am loving my new job in year 5 learning new things every day”.

Miss Brownlee returned from another school in The Priory Learning Trust and said: “I love to meet new children and talk to staff.”

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Jill Dando News reporters said: ”We hope everyone has a good year and continues to be positive.”

Castle Batch also just enjoyed receiving an impressive clean sweep of Good ratings with an overall Good judgement from Ofsted.

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