Women at a high-flying school celebrated as part of a global event 

By Jacob Kemp, 17, Jill Dando News 

International Women’s Day was marked at The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset through a series of social media posts.

It was coordinated by the Head of Geography, Catherine Owen. 

A thread of posts on Twitter celebrated female members of staff for the work that they do, and the areas in which these staff work include the Learning Support  Department, the Exam Invigilators, and Cleaning Staff. 

Departments across the school, including the Maths Department, also celebrated their female teachers, applauding their work with students. 

Mrs Owen, the Head of the Geography Department at the school, wanted to extend this celebration of female staff, to recognise the work of women in a range of departments across the school, such as the library and the canteen, which she felt deserved recognition. 

Catherine Owen said: “For International Women’s Day I wanted to thank all of the wonderful women who work in the support areas of our school community. 

“There are so many women working ‘behind the scenes’ – I wanted to show them how much they are valued”.

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