End this mobile madness! With a rocketing mental health crisis, one 13-year-old urges governments to take action on the gadget addiction plaguing young people

By Shane, 13, Good News Post reporter

The trend towards mobile phone use is not healthy. Most of what is on phones is not good news. Can governments take action?

Children are too busy focusing on their phones all the time.

They never have a break from them and are constantly on their gadgets, laptops, PS4 and Xbox consoles.

A growing number are not going out at all because they are addicted.

Many think sitting on their phone is better than having fun. 

The lack of fresh air or exercise could make millions go really unfit and unhealthy.

On top of this, all of the constant notifications will make them alert at times and not able to relax.

We need to do something to change this situation. Can the Government help?