Trees of hope to tackle eco disaster start to grow

Trees of hope to tackle eco disaster start to grow

By Jasmine

Trees of hope start to blossom across city

Plant distributors and planters are seeing signs of life from their hard work with trees blossoming across Bristol, England.

Bristol charity, Plastic Pollution Awareness and Actions Project are seeing the success of their planting with trees sprouting around all over the city where they had planted them this year and last.

As part of the effort to tackle climate change, the government has pledged to plant 30 million trees a year, along with the local charities aims around the UK.

Naseem Talukdar, the founder of this charity, shared a picture of one of the plants they distributed last year, growing in a garden.

Naseem said: ”I have received the first picture of the plant distributor we did on tree planting week last year and here is a picture sent to us this evening.

A life just about to grow! Despite the crisis we gave as humanity, this tree does give us hope!”

There are several ways that trees can be planted, for example, machines and drones, however, people power has been one of the most reliable and best-tested method with people earning around 7 pence to plant each tree.

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