Top performing Anya offered a place at one of the world’s best universities after a sensational year

By Jill Dando News

Anya Butler of The King Alfred School Academy in Somerset won a place at the University of Oxford Study to Experimental Psychology.

She came in the top 5% in the British Biology Olympiad run by the Royal Society of Biology this year. Then she crowned her year by working in the biochemistry laboratory at the University of Oxford Easter revision school.

Now she is planning a high-flying career.

Head of the sixth form Jonathan Gaskell said: “Anya was an inspirational role model for our students in the sixth Form, both in terms of academic success and contributions to the whole school.”

Over the last year she has been Student Union Officer for Mental Health and Wellbeing, and coordinated ‘Meditation Mondays’, a quiet space for students across the school to go at lunchtime for quiet contemplation.

Anya was among record numbers receiving generous offers from some of the UK’s top universities with the sixth form enjoying huge increases in numbers and excellent performance statistics.

This year 105 started the sixth form, an increase of more than 100%.

TKASA sixth form is part of The Priory Learning Trust and is attracting students from schools in Weston-super-Mare including Priory Community School Academy, Worle Community School Academy, as well as Bridgwater.