Think before you litter – help our planet. By Lucy, 12.

By Good News Reporter, Lucy, 12,

Every day people are throwing litter and it’s having a catastrophic affect on our planet.

Lovely fish and turtles are getting stuck in all the plastic and some of the fish are eating it. 

But what are we going to do about it? We have to educate people to bin their rubbish after they have finished with it. 

People have to respect about the environment. Littering is ruining the wildlife.

What is causing the environment to be damaged? Think, plastic bottles, cans, crisp and chocolate wrappers, plastic bags and more.

All the environment needs to be healthy again so please could you stop throwing your litter and bin every single bit of litter you see. 

On behalf of all the millions of children in the world, just like me, who want to help save the planet – thank you.