The Power of Kindness. In Mental Health Awareness Week, Jack aged 14, argues that kindness is key

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a considerable change in how people view mental health problems. We’re starting to recognise that people’s mental health is as important as our physical health. 

But we’ve also seen a dramatic increase in students with mental health problems. Whether this be from the exams that are becoming harder and harder every year or the general pressure that students feel that they have to do well in exams, everyone will face these problems at some point in life.

There are also a social pressures more generally faced by young people. 

Schools and governments are waking up to students’ needs both physically and mentally. Students up and down the UK are getting the support they need and this is all achieved through the power of kindness.

Teachers taking time out of their day to talk to students, the decision to fund mental health services for students and much more are all down to kindness.

Jill Dando News and the Good News Post’s mission is to spread positive news that inspires kindness because when we see kindness around us, our mindset becomes more positive.

More information about Mental Health Awareness Week can found at In Charley’s Memory and other charities,

Jack is part of the Jill Dando News Network, The Priory Learning Trust, and the Good News Post which supports In Charley’s Memory to help young people in their mental wellbeing.