The Elf On The Shelf Returns 5MS Addition (By Kaie and Ava, aged 9)

The Elf On The Shelf Returns 5MS Addition (By Kaie and Ava, aged 9)

By Kaie and Ava, age 9, Jill Dando News

You all probably know the Christmas character elf on the shelf well - if you don’t, it’s time you find out about 5MS’s elf jingle

1 December 2023

Class 5MS’s elf on the shelf came.  He sat behind a laptop all day until a girl in class 5MS noticed him. You're all probably wondering what 5MS is well, it is a year 5 class in Ashcombe Primary School which is located on Earlham Grove in Weston-super-mare.
Now let’s get back to the topic of the naughty /nice elf’s on the shelf.  Now class 5MS’S elf has done a lot of different cheeky things .

2 December 2023
He was on the voise level chart and was pointing on presenter .

4 December 2023
Jingle had got three rolls of toilet paper and drew on a face, buttons and arms on the toilet paper snow man . Class 5MS’S elf Jingle has done a lot of other things, including, a crisp-mas tree a skiing trip across our units in the class and a little bit of gymnastics doing a hand stand on our paper chain in the book corner.
The amazing teacher of 5MS is Miss Shears who, is 21 year’s old she went to Bristol university and now teaches at Ashcombe Primary School.

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