Student, 11, inspired to start own charity after meeting town mayor

By Kiaran, Maria and Kelsey, Jill Dando News

Oliver, a Year 7 students at Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, was so inspired after meeting a town mayor that he now plans to start his own charity. 

Oliver was one of many students met by Weston-super-Mare Town Mayor, James Clayton.

Cllr Clayton visited their budding Jill Dando journalists and urged students to stay positive even when things go against them.

This was a very exciting interview where students got to not only learn about the role of mayor, but more about our community.

In the interview he told students, “It has been a great achievement being mayor”.


The Mayor came dressed to impress! James Clayton wore the golden chains of office which had the names of previous mayors engraved on it. 

He said, “I have not let the role of being a mayor overcome me being an ordinary person”. 

He also mentioned, “There is greatness within everybody” which left the students feeling very inspired as he related this back to the educational sphere. 

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