(Watch video) Sir Richard, Sir Cliff and Fiona Bruce hail Jill Dando News

By Jill Dando News

A host of international stars, including Sir Richard, Sir Cliff and Fiona Bruce have hailed Jill Dando News in a stunning new video.

The Incredible video was produced by Britain’s biggest magazine for entrepreneurs – Business Leader www.businessleader.co.uk part of the Ascot Group, based less than a mile from Jill Dando’s childhood home in Worle, Somerset, UK.

Watch it here https://youtu.be/inuDerJo_bw

It was showcased at a celebration recently with Nick Ross.

In the video, Sir Richard Branson, and others say that Jill Dando News is a fitting tribute to the murdered BBCTV star. It also has incredible interviews of the students with a host of CEOs and entrepreneurs globally.

Nick Ross with Business Leader who produced the stunning video

Jill Dando News aims to get good news, worldwide, and to inspire a generation of new journalists with a positive, kind, humble and brilliant outlook.

it began in 2017 out of Jill’s former school Worle Community School Academy part of The Priory Learning Trust.

it was the brainchild of Purple Sheep PR and has gone across the world to Malawi, Africa. Professional journalists, including Nigel Dando, help out in the training.