PR Testimonial

I enthusiastically recommend Purple Sheep PR – their strategy and expertise helped win us contracts with Tesco, a Government department, the AELTC and the NHS

My name is Paul Maxwell and I am the Managing Director of Maven Consultancy UK Ltd. 

We specialise in IT support but coming out of the first lockdown in 2020 we saw an opportunity to specialise in Wifi technology. 

We engaged with Purple Sheep PR in September 2020 and asked the team to simply use their skills to make our Technical Director famous in the area of Wifi nationwide.

Purple Sheep PR did the job and much more and their plan worked brilliantly resulting in a big increase in profits.

The team at Purple Sheep PR devised and strategised a plan to push numerous stories into the press to build the integrity of our Technical Director.

They sought to find every possible way of getting us to the clients we were pursuing.

Through their creative PR campaign, multiple articles were printed. 

Our Technical Director appeared on BBC Radio pieces and was quoted in various articles in high-profile publications.

At the same time we were advised by Purples Sheep PR to tender for Wifi projects and push our profile across social platforms like LinkedIn and Slack.

When companies looked into our technical expertise they were met with these multiple articles and our Technical Director was quoted on so many occasions as a world expert. 

Purple Sheep PR’s plan had worked and for the small investment in their expertise we are now involved in high profile and incredibly profitable wifi projects with Tesco, The Department for Work & Pensions, the AELTC and the NHS.

I would enthusiastically recommend Shane and his Purple Sheep PR team to creatively plan a strategy to increase company profile and increase profits. It was truly money well spent.