Brilliant student chef Poppy praised in finals

Brilliant student chef Poppy praised in finals

By Jill Dando News

Mary Berry eat your heart out.

Master chef student Poppy has yet again excelled in another top chef competition.

The student from The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset put in a brilliant performance in the South West Chef of the Year finals.

She competed against six very strong finalists from across Somerset and was a credit to her school.

The judges took time to speak to Poppy about her dish and were very complimentary about everything and she narrowly missed out on the top prizes.


Poppy designed and prepared her own menu and sourced everything locally as per the rules.

Other teachers and the judges commented on her skill of hassleback potatoes and brilliantly cooked pork.

Teacher Natasha King said: “Poppy was a credit to the school at the event with comments around her cleanliness, efficient working and calmness.”

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