Plans for Weston’s Birnbeck pier to be restored after being bought by the council! (By Ella, 12)

By Ella Fowler, Jill Dando News Correspondent @ Worle

North Somerset council recently purchased Birnbeck pier for over £400,000 and are going to be restoring it in 2024/2025.

They will repair it using money from Tesco, The national lottery and the council’s own leveling up fund given to them by the Government in 2007 which some argue could have gone to the National Health Service or other government funded facilities.

Most of the restoration needed is to the legs as they’ve been weakened by the strong currents.

Another reason the legs are so weak is because back in 2019 someone got stuck under the pier and was gripping onto the leg and it bent a little bit so the pier is slanted.

Many locals are excited to see the pier once it’s been rebuilt and redesigned and redecorated.

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