“Get better – not bitter!” Tips on positivity, success and happiness from blind Paralympian superstar Darren

By Lexie 11, Isabella, 11

England’s most decorated blind footballer, Darren Harris, shared experiences, tips and positivity, success and happiness in another phenomenal interview for Jill Dando News.
Football achievements aside, Darren is also a number 1 bestselling author, motivational speaker and transformational coach:
He took this direction following Paralympic success as the most capped blind England player.

Our reporters from Priory Community School Academy, The King Alfred School Academy and Worle Community School Academy in Somerset got the chance to interview Darren on his many successes and learnt how he has overcome challenges in life.

It was organised by The Priory Learning Trust.

He talked of ‘invisible barriers’ which exist for Paralympians and recognised that there is more work to be done to eradicate discrimination and fully embrace diversity.   

Offering a key piece of advice at the close of his interview he said: “comparing yourself with others will make you bitter but comparing yourself with yourself makes you better”.

Darren Harris is moving on to study governance in a bid to improve how organisations are run, with more diversity and fairness in mind. 

He continues to be an advocate for keeping a ‘positive mindset’ in sport and life.

To watch the full interview with Darren Harris, click here.