On Eve of Cinema Blockbuster, Spider-Man pays a Christmas visit to a UK school 

On Eve of Cinema Blockbuster, Spider-Man pays a Christmas visit to a UK school 

By Jill Dando News

On the Eve of his Cinema appearance that has broken all Marvel records, Spider-Man has paid a Christmas visit to a UK school.

Spider-Man took time off from his ‘saving the planet’ day job in New York City to inspire British pupils to superhero style journalism.

Spider-Man: No Way Home debuts in theaters this week with Spider-Man - alias Daily Bugle photojournalist Peter Parker - on his latest adventure.

Pupils at Castle Batch Primary School Academy https://www.castlebatch.n-somerset.sch.uk in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset met the superhero as part of their Jill Dando News journalism training.


They learnt about the power of a good headline, how to find a good news story out of their school and community, and about legendary BBC journalist Jill Dando.

Teacher Jack Chambers said: “Our reporters are very enthusiastic about their story writing and are eager to find more stories across our school and community.”

Spider-Man was photographed by one of the reporters, with the backdrop of other super heroes – Marcus Rashford, Sir David Attenborough and Michelle Obama.

The new film has broken all previous Box Office Marvel Film records.

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CBPSA is packed full of good news stories.

The school is based in the heart of the North Worle community, has an excellent and spacious site and inspires children to be happy and confident learners.

It has a brilliant new library, an ambitious creative curriculum as well as a Jill Dando News Centre to train up young reporters.

Castle Batch became part of The Priory Learning Trust two years ago and works closely with other schools across the Trust to enhance learning opportunities for all. https://www.theplt.org.uk

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