Oliver, 12, becomes one of youngest ever winners of Jill Dando award

By Jill Dando News

Oliver, 12, of Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset carried off the Jill Dando News Journalist of the Year award at a glitzy ceremony.

Earlier in the year, he and other reporters made headlines by securing an interview with MP John Penrose.

Oliver front with some other winners at WCSA’s annual award evening

He helped discover how Mr Penrose boosts the planet and his mental health with his love for beekeeping.

JOHN PENROSE INTERVIEW https://goodnewspost.co.uk/bees-beehives-and-dinner-with-nelson-mandela-mp-at-centre-of-british-news-headlines-speaks-exclusively-to-jill-dando-news-reporters-2/

Oliver showed great enthusiasm in writing stories and writing to people to ask if they would be interviewed.

Jill Dando herself started reporting for the school newspaper Merlin around the same age of Oliver. She went on to become Britain’s best and most moved BBC TV journalist. 

Head of Jill Dando News Alicia De Souza at WCSA said: “Oliver has showed huge enthusiasm and is a worth winner.”

At the time, Mr Penrose told Oliver: “I love beekeeping. It means I’m doing my bit to save the bee and the planet. It does wonders for my mental health by taking my mind off whatever’s happening in Westminster. And the honey is delicious too!“

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