New school term… And breathe!

By Dawn Carey, Head of In Charley’s Memory, a mental health charity for 11 to 25-year-olds

Covid 19 has changed so much for so many this year. But one thing that remains the same, the September start for school.

For the first time in a long time every single year group will be walking into the unknown. Up and down the country, teachers have been preparing the class rooms ready for the return of students.

For many this start date in september can cause their anxiety levels to rise. But this year you will not be alone. Every single person will have some trepidation, wondering what to expect, how different it will be, and how safe it is.

Remember, it is ok to be nervous and worried. Talk to your friends about how you are feeling – as I am sure they will be feeling the same.

So, set your alarm early, have a good breakfast and remember to take deep breaths. You’ve got this!!

Good luck to everyone returning to school in September.