New Intelligent Wi-Fi to help save Covid19-hit global hospitality industry

New Intelligent Wi-Fi to help save Covid19-hit global hospitality industry

By Elijah, 10, Jill Dando News

A world IT expert is deploying a game-changing COVID-19 track and trace ‘Intelligent Wi-Fi’ - which could now help save the global hospitality industry.

The Intelligent Wi-Fi can help businesses to identify people who have had COVID-19 to within metres of each other inside venues.

The groundbreaking technology means that hospitality venues across Britain and the world can now isolate individual rooms and parts of venues if someone is infected with coronavirus.

Crucially, they will not now have to close off the entire venue or to instruct someone to self isolate if they have been at the venue at a different time or part of the premises.

Wi-Fi expert Dan Jones, Head of Maven Consultancy near Bristol, is trialling the process.

Dan said: “Wi-Fi is not being fully utilised in helping pubs, clubs, hotels and other hospitality venues to track and trace those potentially infected with coronavirus.

“Wi-Fi in 2020 is now intelligent, venues can track a person to within metres of using a certain area. This will allow rooms and areas to be closed off for deep cleaning, rather than shutting down the entire venue, if someone reports a case of coronavirus.

Its significance is that the hospitality industry, which has been worst hit by COVID-19, will now be able to be opened up in a far more safer way for the public.”

Dan’s system means that every hospitality venue will be able to have a new Wi-Fi ‘Covid19 Secure’ trust kite accreditation, giving safety, security and assurance to the public that the venue is as safe as possible.

The system will work alongside existing track and trace software.

Dan is an Apple and Wi-Fi expert who is advising a worldwide representation of businesses at Las Vegas in October on designing Wi-Fi for Apple devices. But with COVID19 producing a headache for the British government, and others across the world, he has turned his attention to helping governments and businesses track down those infected with coronavirus.

The Wi-Fi could also collect all the contact tracing data such as name, phone number, email, saving valuable administration and staffing costs for businesses.

“The current process of pen and paper for the whole venue is a good starting point but it’s not viable going forward and will not work for larger public venues. It’s also a great way to get people to order food and drinks via their phone in order to help reduce unnecessary contact with staff whilst improving service and customer experience.”

Dan is speaking to audiences at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas in October on designing Wi-Fi for Apple devices, following up from speaking to Audiences in Phoenix, Arizona (US) earlier this year for the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference (WLPC).

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