Nature inspired underpass renovation wows community

By Tamsen, 14 and Mia, 13, Jill Dando News

Students, staff and the community are enjoying a powerful nature-inspired post-Covid19 lockdown underpass renovation.

The two underpasses near the popular Priory Community School Academy (PCSA), part of The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT) have been lit up with stunning artwork done by 15 professional artists.

The incredible artwork includes a bee, fox, squirrel and lots of trees.

The Weston-super-Mare Town Council-supported project was officially opened by Head of School Improvement at TPLT Nathan Jenkins, former town mayor Cllr Mark Canniford, along with artist Martin Darcy and Lyn.

One 4-year-old who went through on their tricycle shouted his delight at the artwork to our Jill Dando reporters as he went through one of the underpasses.

Cllr Canniford, told us, “It’s really exciting to see art coming out into Worle, and Priory Community School Academy specifically. 

“It’s made a huge improvement to the underpasses and become a much friendlier place.”

Local resident Sue, who has lived locally for 25 years, said: “This is just amazing now. It’s such an improvement. Walking under here every day is so pleasurable.”

Josephine, who has been part of the community for 16 years, said: “I think it is amazing – it brightens things up after the year we have had. I love it. It gives positivity. I’m very happy with this.”

The academy and TPLT is passionate about the environment, and wanted to bring together a project to look to the future post COVID-19 lockdown.

Their students and staff have helped the community in huge ways since the start of lockdown two years. In the summer, David Clay, Head of Design and Technology at the school won a prestigious UK award after helping to make nearly 5000 NHS face masks during Covid19.

Principal Angelos Markoutsas said: “We wanted our students and entire community to be able to enjoy visually outstanding underpasses.”


Mr Jenkins, said: “We are so delighted to see these finished underpasses. Community and civic work is at the very heart of all we do at TPLT.”

Martin, whose two children went to Priory, has done dozens of incredible artwork across Britain for many years.

He said: “It was an absolute honour and a privilege to create some post Covid lockdown artwork on these underpasses. 

“We wanted to celebrate nature, the environment and all that is good.”

TPLT also raises tens of thousands of pounds each year to help charities as part of its community and civic duty.

Special thanks to those who contributed below:

Damian Nicholson (Damo)

Sean Lyons (glimmertwin)

Andy Drew Fossard

Ian Shep (squinty)

Ian Walker

Emma Kimsey 

Tom and Maria Phillip’s

Lolly Golding

Non Galagher

Bev Gustar

Jayne Townley

Lin Toulcher

Martin D’Arcy

Neil Muddle

Lisa Bolton

Martin Townley

Mike Chubb

Robin Price

And a special mention of thanks to the landlord of The Parish Pump Paul Renhard.

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