‘Nana Nade’s Kitchen’ opened in honour of Nadine, 81, with nearly 45 years of service halted by Covid19

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THE “grandmother” of a Somerset school has celebrated 60 years of marriage and nearly 45 years of service by having the entire staff room kitchen named after her.

The hugely popular Nadine Garbett started working at The King Alfred School Academy in 1976 while her children were little and she has been serving up drinks, fruits and cakes for students and staff ever since.

Staff at The King Alfred School Academy who were also students when Nadine became ‘Nan’.

She is extremely well-known by thousands and generations of TKASA students and staff.

But due to Covid19 she has been unable to continue her work and so has retired.

This week she discovered that the kitchen of the staff room that she has been working in for recent years will now be called Nana Nade’s Kitchen, alongside her photo. She even just had a letter from the Queen to celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary – alongside a photo of Her Majesty.

Nade with husband Tony and her photo from the Queen.

Nadine’s jobs over the years include dinner lady, cleaner, cook, honourary ‘Nan’ and more.

Speaking from her garden, with husband Tony, with whom she has just celebrated 60 years of marriage, she said: “ I absolutely adore the children – all the ones I have looked after.  They mean the world to me, along with the staff in all the years I’ve been there. I love the school.”

Nadine and Tony with left, Principal Nathan Jenkins and right, Neville Coles, CEO of The Priory Learning Trust, and other staff members.

Nadine has also seen all her 6 grandchildren go through TKASA.

Principal Nathan Jenkins said: “Nadine is incredible and loved by everyone. She has done every every job you can imagine.

“When Covid19 rules allow, hopefully next year will be able to have a bigger party in the school to officially open ‘Nana Nade’s Kitchen’.”