Miracle horse Pickle gallops Lottie, 16 to Prom 

Miracle horse Pickle gallops Lottie, 16 to Prom 

By Josh, 16, Jill Dando News

Pickle, the miracle wonder ex-racehorse, galloped her owner Lottie, 16, to a night to remember at the Prom - years after being ridden as a racehorse.

Lottie, 16, turned up at her Worle Community School Academy Prom in considerable style - riding her own horse through crowds of dressed-up students, their parents, carers and grandparents.

But Pickle is no ordinary horse. PIckle, 12, was in fact a racehorse called Kwanto who Lottie renamed as PIckle two years ago and retrained in dressage, show jumping and cross country. The wonder horse had run some 8 races across British racecourses, finishing second twice.

And then only last year Lottie was told Pickle would never jump again or be ridden - but she had a miracle turnaround to win a dressage competition last week.

This week reflected on her night to remember which involved a Prom at Batch Country House near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

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Lottie said: “I thought Pickle was blind when we first got her as she knocked through every jumping pole but she is now a talented jumper.”

The miracle doesn’t end there. Last July, Pickle injured her leg in her field and after an initial vet assessment the family were told she would never jump again or even be ridden.

Mum, Alison said: “After hearing this news, Lottie was devastated, Pickle had surgery through B&W equine vets and with a year off amazingly and against odds, she sailed through a rehabilitation programme and has been given the all clear to compete as before.

“Last week Lottie and Pickle went to their first big eventing competition since the injury and they won. They will now attend another championship in August.”

Lottie has ridden since she was about 8 years old, starting on a little pony. She now belongs to the local pony club and competes with them.

Alison added: “Horses have always been Lottie’s passion. She loves everything to do this with horses. She wants to be a physiotherapist specialising in sports rehab and equine physiotherapy.”

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