Man in wheelchair plays harmonica with Chris Martin at Coldplay concert (By Oscar, 13)

Man in wheelchair plays harmonica with Chris Martin at Coldplay concert (By Oscar, 13)

By Oscar, 13, Music Correspondent, Jill Dando News @ WCSA

Rob O’Byrne was stunned after Coldplay singer Chris Martin invited him to play the harmonica whilst at a Coldplay concert.

Chris, the lead singer of the band, looked at Rob who had been ‘crowd surfing’ during the concert and invited him to come on stage.

After that he asked him what his name is, where he came from and his age. Then Rob had the honour to play a harmonica in front of thousands of people. Rob had an accident in 2005, leading him into having a wheelchair.  He has loved music and it has been a huge hit in his life. It has gotten him through tough times, going to see so many artists and bands perform live at a concert.

Coldplay are a band partially making music in the genre of rock. They have been in the charts a lot with their music being released.

Some of their famous songs are 'Hymn for the Weekend', 'A Sky Full Of Stars', and 'Yellow'.

Recently they have been going all over the world with their brand new tour. Their travelling has been a huge success in their career with lots of interactivity in their shows, including LED Light Wristbands which change colour throughout their performances.


Some of these being Coldplay. During one of Coldplay's recent gigs, they played 'Sky Full Of Stars' which is one of their most famous songs.

He says after the performance "it was one of the best experiences of his life and he is so lucky to have gotten to have this one in a lifetime moment".

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