Meet ‘Maggie’ the school pup

By Good News Post reporter Kiera Shoemake, 18 

St Anne’s Church Academy’s latest staff member is Maggie the new school therapy dog.

The excellent weston-super-Mare primary school in Somerset will be welcoming their four-legged friend in September.

During the lockdown, Mrs Few adopted the five-month beautiful white and brown “cavapoo”.

Preparing for her work when schools officially re-open, Mrs Few and Maggie have been engaging in eight-weeks of Zoom puppy training lessons. The pretty pooch is already stepping up to her role as a support dog, as she enjoys having lots of attention and a cuddle.

The school intends for Maggie to aid in students who may lack confidence in their reading skills, and for them to relax and find comfort while learning. 

Maggie the school dog prepares for new role

She will also help students who struggle with their emotions. The dog will support everyone’s well-being, by reducing anxiety and increasing motivation in the learning environment.

The inspirational school is part of The Priory Learning Trust.

Headteacher Emma Hardy-Smith said: “We are really looking forward to Maggie joining us in September at our Hewish campus and hope that she will help to put a smile on everyone’s face as she greets them at the school gate in the mornings and throughout the day. 

“We think the benefits a school dog brings will make Maggie worth her weight in sausages!”