Little Learners learn the wonders of the world (By Maddie, 10)

By Maddie, 10, Jill Dando News @ St Anne’s Church Academy

The marvellous Little Learners are learning the wonders of the world!

Little Learners children, aged two, three and four, from St. Anne’s Church Academy West Wick have been using their senses in a hands-on exploration of various natural provocations made by the practitioners. 

The children have been supported to develop vocabulary and experience the wonders of the world through natural materials in their own classroom.

The Little Learners were set up with desks covered in materials such as flowers, wood and other interesting items they could find across the room.

They had to describe the resources through smell, touch and taste.

The teachers really showed how wide and beautiful our planet really is.

This was evidenced by the large smiles on the little learners faces during this magnificent experience for them.