Life can sometimes be tough. Here are five quick habits to develop and boost your mood. 

1. Connect. Turn off the bad news and meet face-to-face with positive friends who listen and also make you laugh. Do it over tea and cake, or other happy foods for an extra boost. Laughter boosts your brain with a release of happy chemicals.

2. Move. Being active boosts your body and brain – releasing positive happy chemicals to make you feel good. Walking outside is powerful or try tennis, cycling, or a mini-trampoline.

3. Think. Thinking positive thoughts is vital for a positive mood. Instead focus on positive things, mix with positive people, turn off the phone and TV.

4. Give. Being kind has been proved to boost mood, while generous and grateful people are the happiest people. is a database of UK volunteering opportunities.To get the perfect picture, sometimes people would have taken 100 photos and used photoshop. Never ever compare yourself with anyone.”

5. Mindfulness. Pay more attention to the ‘right-now’ moment is incredibly powerful. It is a habit you need to make over 21 days. Really focus. Try mindfulness breathing. 

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