Kira, 13, wins unique world Oxbridge scholarship paid in full by a charity

Kira, 13, wins unique world Oxbridge scholarship paid in full by a charity

By Jill Dando News

Future neuroscientist Kira, 13, is over the moon after winning an incredible unique world Oxbridge scholarship.

Kira, a Year 9 student from Worle Community School Academy in Weson-super-Mare, is delighted after schooling a unique Oxford and Cambridge universities scholarship.

It will be paid in full by a local charity.

She won the scholarship to the Immerse Education's Cambridge summer school in Medicine.

Her amazing essay 'Should all vaccines for all diseases be made mandatory?' was chosen out of tens of thousands globally.

She will now take up the prestigious Oxbridge summer program in medicine. The Grand Pier’s charitable arm in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust provided the funds plus a laptop for her course.

A Go For Me page has also given enough money to provide stationery and other materials.

Kira's big dream is to become an award-winning neuroscientist with specialisms in brain disease research.

She hopes to one day find treatment for Alzheimer's and brain cancer.


Kira said "I would like to thank everyone including teachers, donators and Michelle Michael for all their encouragement and support in helping me to achieve my dreams."

In pursuit of her dream, she has also taken four Open University free courses in civil rights, youth mental health, child psychology and emotions and emotional disorders.

Michelle Michael said: “When Kira’s mum contacted us with the news about Kira’s search for help to attend summer camp, we were delighted to help.

“Our charitable trust focuses of making a difference to local people’s lives and we hope that our small contribution will go some way towards Kira achieving her career goals.”

Kira is also a part of WCSA's youth choir and is also in the band R3ckl3ss (Reckless) with five other friends at school.

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