Jill Dando News says: It’s now time for the title ’Queen Elizabeth the Great’

Jill Dando News says: It’s now time for the title ’Queen Elizabeth the Great’

The passing of Queen Elizabeth has touched the entire world. Here below in a powerful article, Jill Dando News reporters, Tamsen and Mia, both 14, argue that it is time now to honour her with the title, Queen Elizabeth the Great.

By Tamsen and Mia, 14, Jill Dando News

The last times we gave someone the title “The Great” was in 323BC, with Alexander III of Macedon; followed by King Alfred the Great after his incredible successes in the late 800s.

King Alfred famously defeated the Viking invaders and is responsible for the England that we have now. He even found time to sow the seeds of primary school education and the Royal Navy. Quite rightly, called ‘The Great’.

But that title is deserving of another leader, too. As sad as it is to see a monarch pass, we should look back on their legacy and celebrate their successes.

Reigning for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth died on 8th September 2022. In that time, she worked with 15 different prime ministers, kept people's hope up during the COVID-19 pandemic, worked with many charities and never missed a year with her Christmas speeches.

Students at Priory Community School Academy in Jill Dando News reflecting on her passing, described her as: 'inspirational', 'a figurehead', 'special', 'constant' and 'dutiful'.

One student said, “She may not be immortal, but she lives on in memory.”

A special memory shared by students seemed to one featuring a certain bear from Peru.

One Year 10 student wrote: "my favourite memory of her was her eating a marmalade sandwich with Paddington Bear".

We in the Jill Dando News Centre think it’s safe to say that Queen Elizabeth II should be remembered as Queen Elizabeth the Great.”

(PCSA is part of The Priory Learning Trust, as is The King Alfred School Academy, which was named after King Alfred who spent much time in Somerset. Jill Dando News was formed out of Weston super Mare in Somerset)

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