Inspirational Jack, 18, guest at Buckingham Palace garden party (By Zoe, 14, Jill Dando News @ TKASA)

By Zoe, Year 9, Jill Dando News

Inspirational student Jack Clark of The King Alfred School Academy 6th form, in Highbridge, Somerset got a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a Buckingham Palace garden party to celebrate King Charles III Coronation.

He was previously of Worle Community School Academy, also part of The Priory Learning Trust, and has for several years driven huge changes to make the planet greener.

Jack was invited to Buckingham Palace as part of the environmental group he is part of. He was was selected to go within the group. 

He attended this event with the head of the environmental group who has done so much sustainability based work.

He said: “The experience of seeing the Royal Family as well was amazing, it’s something you never expect to do”. 

Jack has become one of the country’s leading young eco campaigners with a raft of awards including appearing live on ITV’s Good Morning Britain while representing the UK at COP26.

He was also made magazines, and helped Worle with a Green Flag. He has continued to inspire students at King Alfred’s 6th Form.

Jack also said the the tea was lovely and that it was a specially made garden party tea.

When he was there everyone split into four passages for each of the royals to pass down. 

Also certain people were presented to the royals which the palace staff chose at random. 

Then later on in the day a line was formed again for the royals to leave the palace. 

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