If you don’t have your life figured out yet, it’s ok, by Daisy, sixth form student at Melksham Oak Community School

It’s an endless conversation with my friends, family and teachers. What university degree do you want to do? Are you even going to university? Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

And to be honest, I don’t know. I’ve always liked to be a bit ahead of the game with what I do in my life, and finishing GCSE’s with good grades I settled for the option of being a doctor pretty quickly. 

I sorted out work experience with the NHS, volunteering and have been doing many extracurricular activities to get my CV medical-school worthy. However, recently I’ve had doubts and my interests have swayed towards journalism.

Being a keen reader and writer since a young age, I have always felt a sense of comfort sitting down and letting words spill out onto a page. My A Level subjects are Biology, Chemistry and Spanish, so while not the most ‘essay-based’ Spanish provides evidence of more linguistic interests, and (sorry to my science teachers!) is definitely the subject I enjoy the most.

Regardless of what I do, my aspirations are set high and I know that if I work hard enough, then I’ll end up with a job I love. It’s hard to pinpoint my ‘biggest’ ambition, but I’d love to work for a big news company such as the BBC… maybe one day!

To anyone younger than me going through GCSE’s or even A Levels, I think it’s important to remember that if you don’t have your life ‘figured out’ yet, it’s okay. My best advice would be to reach out to people that you know, even vaguely, with jobs and careers that interest you. This has been my most valuable source of information by far.

(Melksham Oak Community School is a brilliant 11 to 18 school in Wiltshire, England) http://www.melkshamoak.wilts.sch.uk